13-Aug-2018Jamaica, NY +2 milesFor Sale
Bengal Kittens born Jun 27,2018 Will be ready for there forever homes in approximately 5 weeks. They will be weened, Litter trained & first set of Shots Kittens are raised with our family and are well socialized. Beautiful Bengal kittens !! Serious inquiries please call or text 3476459747.
Hey my name is Lisa. I love caring for others prized animals, and look forward to helping your family! I hope we have the chance to chat soon!
13-Aug-2018Brooklyn, NY +7 milesCats for Sale
Thank you for thinking of a rescue animal in need of a loving home! Adopting 1 animal will help to open space for future furry-friends dreaming of forever homes! All Brooklyn Animal Action cats and dogs are available to adopt, foster and foster-to-adopt. BrooklynAnimalAction.org
13-Aug-2018Bronx, NY +11 milesCats for Sale
Adopt Mosa a White American Short hair / Mixed cat in Bronx, NY (19035326)
13-Aug-2018Brooklyn, NY +7 milesCats for Sale
Cleo and Nala are sisters, they were born in the same litter and are just under 7yrs old. We took them in when they were just two days old and found born in our yard. Cleo has black pattern to her fur that makes her look sort of like a sphynx which is why we named her cleo (cleopatra). Nala has lighter fur with completely white belly/neck and feet (looks like she is wearing socks). They are nic...
13-Aug-2018New York City, NY +11 milesCats for Sale
Adopt Maggy May a Calico or Dilute Calico Calico / Mixed cat in Lake City, TN (19210691)
13-Aug-2018Brooklyn, NY +7 milesCats for Sale
Max is an orange male tabby that was purchased for Puppy Paradise in 2008. He is currently nine year 6 mo old. All of his shots are up to date. He is currently living in a very busy environment (4 adults, two kids,1 other cat). I have noticed that over time he is not able to handle the hectic house as well as he used to. When the house is quite and there is not so much foot traffic he really sh...
13-Aug-2018Brooklyn, NY +7 milesCats for Sale
Horus is not a cat, well atleast he doesn't think he is. He is very active/playful & will be your BFF. He's not shy & adapts well to new environments. He loves catnip, loves to eat & loves to do the impossible (climb up to high places w/ little space to get around)& grabs things w/ his paws like hands. Luckily he doesn't know he has a heart condition that limits some of his play but knows when ...
13-Aug-2018Brooklyn, NY +7 milesCats for Sale
My almost sixteen mo. young cat is named Raven Phoenix. She would fit best in a home with another friendly and active kitten or young cat. She loves my other cat, but he's a senior, and tends to look disinterest in her affection and interest in playing with his tail. She's skittish around kids--so I would greatly recommend a home without them. She's been in my home since November, but we are no...
13-Aug-2018Brooklyn, NY +7 milesCats for Sale
Simba is about 4 years old now he's never been around other animals ,so he will need a home where its just him or his own space he likes to play with children ,and cuddle with his owners most of the time youll catch him napping or trying to jump ,and catch any bug he sees flying around he also likes to look out the window this cat is very easy going, and very loving he likes a bed to lay on or ...
13-Aug-2018Brooklyn, NY +7 milesCats for Sale
Buttercup is looking for a nice family. He's loving and playful. He's nice with children and gets along with other cats.
13-Aug-2018Brooklyn, NY +7 milesCats for Sale
I got Lucy as a kitten 10 yrs ago when I was sixteen. She is a nice cat, friendly with me even if she's shy with strangers. Eventually, I moved in with my grandparents (they live upstairs, I live in the basement.) At 1st, she hissed at them, then as she adjusted, she grew friendly with them too. She likes to be petted by them and she likes rubbing against their feet. Now, I am moving to another...
13-Aug-2018Brooklyn, NY +7 milesCats for Sale
My son and daughter in law rescued this cat as a kitten ten years ago, when they had a baby the cat started living with me because mu grandson had a slight allergy to the cat. Now I have another grandson and he has a sever allergy to cats and he can't even visit me at my home. This is very upsetting and unfortunately I have to give away a cat.
13-Aug-2018Brooklyn, NY +7 milesCats for Sale
Obtained from pet store. Would like a caring home. He is scared of people, cats and dogs.
13-Aug-2018Brooklyn, NY +7 milesCats for Sale
Adopt Forest a Orange or Red Tabby American Short hair / Mixed cat in Brooklyn, NY (19762580) spayed/neutered
13-Aug-2018New York City, NY +11 milesCats for Sale
Clyde, and his brother red were rescued from an abandoned home. he is about a year old, and has been raised in an environment with 3 other cats, 3 adults, and 3 kids. he is playful, curious, and loving.I would like to find a home where Clyde ,and red could be together, but a loving home is what is needed for both of these cats.
13-Aug-2018Brooklyn, NY +7 milesCats for Sale
Extreme cuddler who likes yummy food and belly rubs. Friendly and warm. She greets every guest with nudges and snuggles. She's at home anywhere she goes.
13-Aug-2018Brooklyn, NY +7 milesCats for Sale
A little smarty pants. This clever girl can escape her soft carrier and open doors. She can also get food out of the auto feeder when she wants a snack. She's playful and patient. She likes morning and evening rubs and is happy to sit next to you during TELEVISION time. She'll stop when you don't want to play, and gently let you know when she's ready for rest. She loves string toys and laser po...
13-Aug-2018Brooklyn, NY +7 milesCats for Sale
We've been together, along with my other cat Alfie, for about 7 yrs; she's 8-9 yrs old. She's a stunning cat. Likes to be close and observe. She approaches for head rubs and is nice and soft. Has never once jumped into anyone's lap, woken me up in the morning, scratched on furniture or marked her territory. She's very easy to take care of. Loves food, isn't finicky. Something went wrong while t...
13-Aug-2018Bogota, NJ +18 milesCats for Sale
The cat's name is Mr. Dude. He is approx 5yrs old (best guess). He is a smaller cat, maybe 8-9 pounds at the most, sometimes he can get down to seven pounds or even slightly under. He is a black cat, he is not neutered and has some but not all shots. He has been to the veterinarian several times but he is not registered or chipped. He has been in generally nice health over the 4yrs I have cared...
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